[OpenBIOS] USB and I440BX

Janusz Mlodzianowski fizjm at paula.univ.gda.pl
Mon Mar 27 14:22:46 CEST 2000

I am embarking on a small project in which I would like to use USB.
I understand that Intel 440BX chipset (PIIX) PCI-ISA bridge has built in
USB circuitry. Are there any examples of BIOS like routines controling
this chip. I will not use OS like Windows and VxDs or Linux, just DOS and 
ROM based software.
I also do not care (just for now..) about full blown USB protocol.
All what I intend to do is to hook-up two motherboards and transfer via USB
raw bytes from one to another. The next step will be a dedicated USB
peripherial. What sort of USB chip would you suggest? I looked into NS USBN9602
It seems OK but I would rather use DIL or PLCC chips.

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