[OpenBIOS] Re: gnubios

Edwin Rhodes edwin_rhodes at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 27 03:51:30 CEST 2000

Hi, when i tried to compile openbios i got the following error message:
(more before this...)
gcc -Wall -02 -I/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/include/ -I/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/firmware/
de -c -o trap_ent.o trap_ent.S
ld -r -o init.o head.o main.o video.o console.o traps.o irq.o irq_ent.o
dma.o serial.o nvram.o keyboard.o memtest.o memory.o trap_ent.o
make[2]: Leaving directory 'rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/firmware/init'
make[2]: Entering directory '/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/firmware/lib'
gcc -Wall -02 -I/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/include/ -I/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/firmware/
de -c -o vsprintf.o vsprintf.c
gcc -Wall -02 -I/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/include/ -I/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/firmware/
de -c -o ctype.o ctype.c
gcc -Wall -02 -I/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/include/ -I/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/firmware/
de -c -o string.o string.c
ld -r -o lib.o vsprintf.o ctype.o string.o
make[2]:Leaving directory '/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/firmware/lib'
ld -Ttext 0x1400 -e main_start -o fw init/init.o lib/lib.o
init/init.o: In fuction 'main':
init/init.o(.text+0x83): undefined reference to 'sio_init'
make[1] *** [zfw.bin] Error 1
make[1] Leaving directory '/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/firmware'
make[1] Entering directory '/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/boot'
make[1] *** No rule to make target '.../firmware/zfw.bin', needed by
make[1]: Leaving directory '/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2/boot'
make: *** [subdirs] Error 2
SERVERX2:/rom/OpenBIOS-0.0.2 # _

how do i correct it??
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From: Niklas Ekström <niklas at ekstrom.com>
To: Edwin Rhodes <edwin_rhodes at hotmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2000 2:48 PM
Subject: Re: gnubios

> Nope, it's not, sorry about that. I have realized that if I'm going to get
> releasable version sometime, I'll have to get somebody else to work with
> on the project; it's just too much work for one person. Unfortunately, I
> don't know where to look for people willing to devote their free time on a
> bios project.
> / Niklas
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Edwin Rhodes
> To: niklas at ekstrom.com
> Sent: Monday, July 24, 2000 1:36 PM
> Subject: gnubios
> Hi, What is the current status of gnubios????
> is the source code availiable yet??
> thanks
> edwin
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