[OpenBIOS] Hello

James jvh at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Thu Jan 13 08:43:59 CET 2000

OK.  So far we can load the OpenBIOS code into memory (under DOS) and
then jump to it.  We uncompress the kernel to 0x100000 and then jump to
it.  It starts to load and gets pretty far, but it tries to read
information out of the BIOS and (surprise, surprise) fails.  It fails on
the "Check Halt" and the "Calibrating Delay Loop".  Interrupts don't work
(I think).  That is bad.

We're getting there.  We need to put information that Linux will grab out
of the BIOS where Linux expects it (why is Linux grabing stuff out of the
BIOS?).  Etc.  I'll post when we get closer.

	- James

On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Marcel Wijlaars wrote:

> James wrote:
> > Hi everyone.  Looks like there are just a few people working on the
> > project?  Anyway, we're working on an open source BIOS at the Advanced
> > Computing Lab of Los Alamos National Lab in Los Alamos, NM (USA,
> > http://www.acl.lanl.gov) for our Linux clusters.  We have Linux booting
> > from Linux and a few other things like that, and you seem to have started
> > the project from the other end.  As several of our workers are students
> > (including me), most of our work will be over this summer.
> will the your  code be available, if so, where and when?
> Thanks in advance, good luck,
> --
> Marcel Wijlaars                         (+31) 40 2472834
> Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,        section Materials Technology
> Eindhoven University of Technology,     P.O. Box 513 NL-5600 MB  Eindhoven
> The Netherlands

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