[OpenBIOS] Hello

Marcel Wijlaars marcelw at wfw.wtb.tue.nl
Thu Jan 6 09:12:45 CET 2000

James wrote:

> Hi everyone.  Looks like there are just a few people working on the
> project?  Anyway, we're working on an open source BIOS at the Advanced
> Computing Lab of Los Alamos National Lab in Los Alamos, NM (USA,
> http://www.acl.lanl.gov) for our Linux clusters.  We have Linux booting
> from Linux and a few other things like that, and you seem to have started
> the project from the other end.  As several of our workers are students
> (including me), most of our work will be over this summer.

will the your  code be available, if so, where and when?

Thanks in advance, good luck,

Marcel Wijlaars                         (+31) 40 2472834
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,        section Materials Technology
Eindhoven University of Technology,     P.O. Box 513 NL-5600 MB  Eindhoven
The Netherlands

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