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Hello Janusz,

the above 64 bytes are BIOS vendor specific.

Here is a short description I found in Ralph Brown's Interrupt List:


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> Hi to all in Open Bios project,
> My question is not directly (yet..) related to OpenBios project but I
> do hope
> to find here an answer.
> I am writing an embedded PC application project in which I would like
> to use some of PC CMOS memory. All documentation I have found does not
> seem to be correct. Especially in the area of HDD data (types 47,48).
> Each motherboard I have tested seems to store this data in different
> locations.
> Configuration data is stored in the first 64 bytes. RTC memory
> consists
> of 128 (or more locations). What is stored there. Can I safely use
> this memory
> for my own purposes?
> Thanks for comments.
> Janusz
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