[OpenBIOS] Flash Writer for Linux

Jeff Garzik jgarzik at mandrakesoft.com
Mon Jan 24 10:05:57 CET 2000

Antonio Dias wrote:
> Does anyone know of a good and working flash writer for Linux? I'm willing
> to update my mainboards with a new flash image and I would like to use
> Linux and only Linux tools.

There is devbios.

However, it is silly to limit yourself in such a way.

I have a FreeDOS bootable disk image I keep on my hard drive.  Whenever
I need to load (w/ loadbios) or flash (w/ amiflash) a new bios, I just
write that image, and my new ROM, to the diskette.  Sure all of my
development is done under Linux, but you shouldn't close yourself to
other alternatives.

If you get heavily into coding OpenBIOS, you will probably prefer MS-DOS
(or FreeDOS), because it is much closer to the BIOS on which you are

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