[OpenBIOS] Questions...

Steve and Sue Steve.N.Sue at tesco.net
Thu Jan 20 20:33:42 CET 2000

Hi folks,

I've been keeping an eye on the project for some time now, but the web site
content seems not to change, except for an ever growing wish list. Perhaps
someone would answer a couple of questions.

Is http://www.freiburg.linux.de/openbios/ the correct URL?
Is there any specification for OpenBIOS that defines the initial aims,
features etc?
Is anyone guiding the development process?

I have written and ported BIOS code for industrial computers, but most of
that source is over-weight and difficult to adapt - so I am interested in
working on something that is more flexible, but I don't want to waste time
on code that is only intended for getting a Linux box up and running.

Any pointers or comments greatly received.


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