[OpenBIOS] Bios Writer for dos?

Stawnyczy, Evan EStawnyczy at geo-logistics.com
Thu Jan 20 16:54:24 CET 2000

wow!  that's a lot of questions see my answers to this below (anyone else
wanting to cirtique please feel free)

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Hi is there a flash writer for dos? 
	Yes any flash writers i've seen have been in DOS.

Also where can i get the latest open bios image?
	I'm not sure there is one yet.

also, is there a way to boot open bios without flashing it into rom? 
	Well, you can cheat.. but it's not really booting.

and what size rom does it need? 
	Rom varies from computer to computer

will it work with any 386 or 486 generic intel cpu?
	i don't see why not..

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