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Jeff Garzik jgarzik at mandrakesoft.com
Mon Jan 24 20:09:32 CET 2000

Bob Dobbs wrote:
> Also important is an OpenFirmware interface because we should migrate
> away from x86 real mode interupt system. OpenFirmware would give us a
> clean, standard way for boot loaders or OS's to talk to the hardware. It
> would give us a configuration interface (albeit not too simple). And we
> could include a couple (or one or three) bootloader packages, e.g.
> linux_boot, multi_boot, chain_boot.

I have already given some thought to this.  Definitely a good idea.

This is especially good for video devices, as it provides a clean way to
boot multiple cards (normally difficult as most BIOS's only POST a
single card).

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