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Charles Esson charlese at cvs.com.au
Tue Jan 25 23:18:05 CET 2000

Are you writing it in FORTH or C?

If writing in FORTH,  at the moment I am working on a FORTH TCP stack and OS
for the COLDFORTH which will be released under the GPL in February. The stack
may be of use ( a bios should be able to boot off the net).

If I can be of any assistance let me know. This is the way a BIOS should be
written. I also agree with your design comments. Hack and go it a good way to
get the needed background to design you application, nothing more.

Charles Esson

Niklas Ekström wrote:

> I just though I should mention that I am, and has been for a while,
> programming an OpenFirmware compliant bios. The code is not available yet,
> but will be when it's finnished. I'm aiming to implement all three major
> OF interfaces (device, user, client). So far I have done the devicetree
> and the FCode evaluator. Untill I release the code I don't know how this
> could benefit anyone else, but atleast now you know that someone else is
> also working on this.
> Since I'm not working on OpenBIOS I guess I shouldn't comment on how it
> should be done. But as a general though about programming (and possible
> all intellectual work at all), my opinion is that you should first make a
> strategy and write a design, and first after that start to do the actual
> work (code). When solving a physics problem you don't start by doing
> experiments and first after that find out what the experiments was good
> for, if at all (atleast that's not the way you _should_ do it! ;). From
> the above you can probably guess what I think about the "hack-and-go"
> approach I've seen mentioned here at times.
> / Niklas
> On Mon, 24 Jan 2000, Bob Dobbs wrote:
> > Also important is an OpenFirmware interface because we should migrate
> > away from x86 real mode interupt system. OpenFirmware would give us a
> > clean, standard way for boot loaders or OS's to talk to the hardware. It
> > would give us a configuration interface (albeit not too simple). And we
> > could include a couple (or one or three) bootloader packages, e.g.
> > linux_boot, multi_boot, chain_boot.
> >
> > -graham
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