[OpenBIOS] Fine.

Winter Jörg joerg.winter at disch-gmbh.de
Fri Jan 28 19:50:32 CET 2000

I´ve just completed an small piece of Hardware. Only a 486 16mb EDO an UART.
Everything put together on a small pcb-board. Then modified Openbios a
little bit, loaded it into a ROM-emulator and go!

The machine boots, complains about the missing RTC (who needs an rtc?),
tests the mem ...  and then executes :

for (;;);

Ok for that. - but can somebody tell me what I have to do to get a
Linuxkernel loaded ? I intend to put an 16bit latch on the isabus and
connect a flashdisk there ... 

I could write C code to load the kernel image from the first, say, 1k blocks
of the disk. But where do I put this image and how I´m gonna start it ?

Please someone gimme a hint on that. I´ll submit the loadcode Ive done then
back to this group ... maybe someone wants to use it ?

Regards, Jake

Ah. By the way, this mail was done by Exchange - locked inside a virtual
machine that runs under Linux. (Thats the place where it should be ;-)).

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