[OpenBIOS] ROM-Emulators

James Oakley jfunk at roadrunner.nf.net
Mon Jan 31 15:11:06 CET 2000

"Ronald G. Minnich" wrote:
> so can it sit in place of a 28F008s5? where do I buy one?

I believe that chip is often SMT, soldered directly to the motherboard.
To replace it, you would first have to disable the original one somehow.
If it's socketed, it's a simple matter of removing the chip. If it's
soldered... well, it would definitely void your warranty.

The last couple of times I bought motherboards, I made sure that the
flash was socketed as I had OpenBIOS in mind. You can always find a
motherboard with any specific chipset that has socketed flash (ideally
in a DIP package, that's easiest to deal with).

Another idea that might be worth pursuing is making a board with two
additional flash ROMs on it and flash into the main BIOS code that jumps
to the selected ROM on the card. The board would be mostly the same, and
no motherboard modification is required.

Actually, this sounds like a better idea. What do you all think?

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