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> can i have a copy of this rom-emulator?
> thanks edwin
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I´m sorry, but a copy of my ROM-Emulator would not be what you expext ...

I was not talking about Software. The Emulator is a little piece of Hardware
that I bought. It is intended to be inserted into a standard 32 Pin
Jedec-Memory Socket. Then you download a 64k image via the parallel port of
any PC into this Hardware. You press reset at the board and it boots ...
well sometimes ...

If you are interested in such an Hardware try th e following urls as a

www.hed.de  (they make tools for embedded and microcontrol. I once talked to
their Boss and got the impression that they are really good!)

www.embedded-tools.de (they have a modular Emulator called PromJet. Its able
to act like rom/ram/flash up to 16Mbit and 32Bit Words. Furthermore it can
handle operating voltages from 2 to 5V. It also has an ethernet plug ...)

Well this is not an advertisement ... I did not test these devices but they
seem interesting to me ...

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