[OpenBIOS] PC-CMOS memory..

Janusz J. Mlodzianowski fizjm at univ.gda.pl
Mon Jan 10 11:47:17 CET 2000

Hi to all in Open Bios project,

My question is not directly (yet..) related to OpenBios project but I do hope
to find here an answer.
I am writing an embedded PC application project in which I would like
to use some of PC CMOS memory. All documentation I have found does not
seem to be correct. Especially in the area of HDD data (types 47,48).
Each motherboard I have tested seems to store this data in different locations.
Configuration data is stored in the first 64 bytes. RTC memory consists
of 128 (or more locations). What is stored there. Can I safely use this memory
for my own purposes?

Thanks for comments.

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