[OpenBIOS] sorry to ask this again

James james at tbp.berkeley.edu
Tue Apr 4 18:36:22 CEST 2000

> By virtue of the fact that two cards cannot share a single VGA region,
> you can only init a single card.  So that makes perfect sense.  The
> standard BIOS reaction to multiple video cards is to -not- execute the
> BIOS init sequence for secondary/tertiary cards, but to instead disable
> their MMIO and PIO decoding altogether.  This is why XFree86 must map
> and execute the video BIOS for a secondary card, before it can be used
> as a secondary head.

  I am curious: Does XFree86 drop _back_ into 16-bit mode to initialize
the second video BIOS?

	- James

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