[OpenBIOS] separate question on PnP and BIOS POST

Jessen, Per JesseP at europe.stortek.com
Tue Apr 4 16:24:26 CEST 2000


not exactly an openbios question, but judging by the
traffic on the list, I'm sure someone has an answer -

I'm trying to add a PnP header structure to a BIOS-image, and
need to have the Bios_Connect_Vector and possibly the Static_
Resource_Information_Vector called immediately after POST. This
is (as far as I can tell) what a PnP BIOS will do according to
the spec (various documents, approx. 1994)

The card itself is NOT PnP, but the software on the EPROM will
be. Problem is that the BIOS on my system (Abit BP6, Award BIOS)
doesn't seem to (1) either recognise the PnP-header in my BIOS-image 
or (2) doesn't follow the PnP POST-sequence.

Does anyone have any pointers for me ? Is it a problem if my BIOS-image
is placed at C000 (where the video would normally be found) ? I have
all the documents, but it looks like my system BIOS (BP6, Award) isn't
behaving as it should ?

I had a quick look at the etherboot package, which also has a PnP-header
in the BIOS-image - I can't tell if it is being used, though. But the
structure looks exactly like what I have coded.

any help would be much appreciated!

Per Jessen, London
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