Marcus Gossner mgossner at inova-computers.de
Fri Apr 7 10:40:28 CEST 2000

>Hi everybody,
>This has not much to do with the OpenBIOS project, but with low level
>programming. Everyone here seems to know lot of things in this domain,
>that's why i'm asking to all of u those questions :
>1. Can we setup a VESA 2 (not VESA 3 !) configuration (select video
>mode, and everything) without making a int 0x10 ? We're programming a
>protected mode OS, and switching to VM86 sucks. I know it's possible
>with VESA 3, but with VESA 2 ?
>If yes, do you have any docs about it ?

I think it is NOT possible without INT 10.
Have a look at Ralph Brown's Interrupt list:
and look at INT 10/AX=4F0A.

>Is the int 0x10 VESA code specific to each graphic card ?


>2. I've got a problem with DMA programming, here's my source :
> (....)
>I use it to transfer a sector from the floppy disk. Do you see anything
>wrong in this code ?
>The transfer is not made by the floppy, and i don't know why...
>I don't know if it's in the DMA programming, or in the floppy driver

I'm not sure, but I think the floppy don't support 
DMA and it is as default disabled by the floppy

>Help !
>Thomas, from france

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