[OpenBIOS] Anyone here ?

(Kevin P Lawton) bochs at world.std.com
Fri Jul 2 19:06:55 CEST 1999

> I am currently doing some work on a 32-bit BIOS, that is _not_ IBM-PC
> compatible. It will work together with Linux and other free, open source=20
> OSes. Although, since Windows is 16-bit, this BIOS will not be able to
> support it. Ofcourse this can be a big drawback for the usability of
> this BIOS, but I still think it is the way it should be done, since if=20
> you want a 16-bit (old and crappy) IBM-PC compatible BIOS, you just keep
> the one that is in your computer right now.
> So because of this I believe that your project won't benefit from my work=
> =20
> since you will need an IBM-PC compatible BIOS, right?

Actually, for booting a 32-bit OS, your BIOS may work.
I have no problem having an optional 32bit only BIOS.

We definitely a 16-bit one though for MS stuff though.

Actually, please join the developers list for freemware,
and post something there about it.  16-bit stuff complicates
our development, since we first have to virtualize 16bit stuff,
then move to 32-bit.  If we had a 32bit BIOS, perhaps we
could start right out with the good stuff!  Then work
backwards.  Just a thought.

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