[OpenBIOS] Anyone here ?

Niklas Ekström t97nek at student.tdb.uu.se
Fri Jul 2 23:07:07 CEST 1999

On Fri, 2 Jul 1999, Kevin P Lawton wrote:
> I'm lurking here myself, trying to get a handle on where
> things are headed with openbios, with an interest in using
> it for the freemware project. (http://www.freemware.org)
> We need a BIOS for that project.  One option would be to use
> the one from my other project, bochs.  Rather than have lot's of BIOSs
> floating around, I thought it'd be good to have a unified
> one and perhaps work with the openbios team.
> I would like to hear people's reaction on this.

First, I'd like to say that I think your Freemware project looks really
interesting. I'm looking forward to not having to reboot my machine to
take advantage of the best features of both Linux and Windows (and
perhaps other OSs as well).

I am currently doing some work on a 32-bit BIOS, that is _not_ IBM-PC
compatible. It will work together with Linux and other free, open source 
OSes. Although, since Windows is 16-bit, this BIOS will not be able to
support it. Ofcourse this can be a big drawback for the usability of
this BIOS, but I still think it is the way it should be done, since if 
you want a 16-bit (old and crappy) IBM-PC compatible BIOS, you just keep
the one that is in your computer right now.

So because of this I believe that your project won't benefit from my work 
since you will need an IBM-PC compatible BIOS, right?

Niklas Ekström

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