[OpenBIOS] Anyone here ?

Thomas Petazzoni peta at club-internet.fr
Fri Jul 2 14:29:49 CEST 1999


I suscribed to this mailing list one week ago, but i didn't not receive
any message. Is this a technical problem ?
I read about OpenBios in a French magazine, called "Linux Mag". Your
project seems to be very interesting, that's why i suscribed to this
mailing list.
Am I really suscribed ?

Thanks to answer me through the mailing list and by private mail.

Thank you very much

Thomas, from Paris, France
 PETAZZONI Thomas & Maxime   E-mail : peta at club-internet.fr          
 ICQ : 34937744              KOS-web : http://www.comports.com/kos

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