[OpenBIOS] OpenBIOS POST, flash, and IO card site.

James Oakley jfunk at roadrunner.nf.net
Tue Jul 6 00:55:00 CEST 1999

I've placed the schematics on my website at
http://wiley246h122.roadrunner.nf.net:2080/openbios/ (yes, it's a static
address) for the OpenBIOS development hardware. There is currently no
documentation, but the circuit is, in a way, straightforward.

If anybody can check it over and verify if it's correct I will be
forever in your debt.

For those who don't know, this is a single ISA card that allows
dual-flash functionality, standard port 0x80 POST, enhanced OpenBIOS
POST (to character LCD, actually human-readable!), and 5 general-purpose
8bit IO ports (for experimentation, education, and embedded designs).

Feel free to contact me on any issues here.

James Oakley
jfunk at roadrunner.nf.net
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