[OpenBIOS] What OpenBIOS should contain

Edward Brotsman Dreger eddy at intc.net
Sun Jul 25 01:36:55 CEST 1999

> 3) The ability to boot from many media (network, cd, floppy, ide 
> etc). Network booting would be nice but the network card support 
> may be a bit cumbersome.

How about a "combination" netboot approach?  The BIOS could maybe handle
all of the netboot _except_ the NIC driver.

Store the NIC driver on a specially-formatted floppy.  The floppy would
call a BIOS routine to register NIC driver of size XXXX at address XXXX,
and the BIOS would take over.

It's a bit kludgy and backwards way of loading an option ROM, but who says
existing BIOSes aren't kludgy and backwards? ;-)

My $.02


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