[OpenBIOS] What OpenBIOS should contain

s.jacobson at xtra.co.nz s.jacobson at xtra.co.nz
Thu Jul 22 02:12:40 CEST 1999

Hello all,
	I see it's been busy, even if not on track ;).

The basic requirements that I would have from a BIOS are as 

1) The ability to chainload to another bootloader ( the most basic 
function ), after enough hardware setup (a little RAM testing etc). 
The state of the processor on hand over should be a runtime option 
(ie protected or real mode). No dabling with V86 mode. There really 
isn't any need, and it gets ugly quickly.
2) A nice simple (though powerful) built in bootloader. Something 
like grub mainly 'cause it's got a command line which is REALLY 
USEFUL when you've got a system you couldn't boot otherwise.
3) The ability to boot from many media (network, cd, floppy, ide 
etc). Network booting would be nice but the network card support 
may be a bit cumbersome.
4) Some cool utilities like a nice format for common filesystem 
types (FAT, VFAT, ext2 etc).

I think we should look to Linux for the filesystem drivers.

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