BIOS Autodetection Design

Matthew Sullivan matthew at
Tue Jan 12 15:04:46 CET 1999

"Eric R. Kern" wrote:

> M Carling wrote:
> > The objective is not to write OpenBIOS such that (in practice) a single
> > compiled image can boot any chipset. Rather, the autodetect objective is
> > that a set of chipsets may be chosen at compile time from which the image
> > is about to boot. Thus, for example, a MB manufacturer could compile a
> > BIOS such that one image would work for all the MBs that they manufacture.
> >
> > Do you think this has any merit, Eric?
> This is a standard practice used in today's BIOS and it definately has merit.
> The big BIOS vendors such as AMI and Phoenix generally sell a standard BIOS to
> MB manufacturers.  However, this BIOS generally needs to be customized by the
> motherboard manufacturer to run with a particular motherboard.
> Is the objective of OpenBIOS to provide source code to motherboard
> manufacturers that they can modify and customize for their boards or is it to
> provide a BIOS that will run on an individuals PC?

Both I beleive, the end-user will require a custom bios for themselves, and the
manufaturers a BIOS that works on all their current PC range.

My thoughts are that the target is the home/business user.

With the aspect that with manufacturers visibility people will use it without the
stigma of the early Linux days ie: it's written by a bunch of hackers, it isn't
much use for us.....

Just my 2 pence worth...


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