BIOS Autodetection Design

M Carling m at
Tue Jan 12 07:01:43 CET 1999

Eric R. Kern wrote:
> Is the objective of OpenBIOS to provide source code to motherboard
> manufacturers that they can modify and customize for their boards
> or is it to provide a BIOS that will run on an individuals PC?

One objective is that MB manufacturers should have a better, more
reliable BIOS such that license fees don't exist and thus are not
passed on to the consumer.

Another objective is that end users should be able to customize and
compile thier own BIOS.

Of course, since it is Open Source[tm], others may want to do other
things with it. I expect OpenBIOS to become widely used in embedded
systems, for example.

I suspect that providing code that will compile without any pre-
configuration and run on any PeeCee is probably too ambitious. Some
decisions will need to be made at compile time, I think.


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