AW: Chipset autodetect -- pro and con

Stephan Müller stephan_mueller at
Tue Jan 12 16:03:54 CET 1999

> After alot of thinking about this I've come to the conclusion that I agree
> that there should be autodetection of chipsets. I have been reading some
> pciset documents from Intel, and as Andrew says there is really only
> smaller differences (between the PCI chipsets that is). But all this
> depends on one things; if it is possible to, with 100% accuracy, determine
> what chipset the BIOS is running on. If this is possible, is see no reason
> not to include autodetection. A wild guess is that the code for the
> various chipsets (all together) is not more then a couple of kB.
Perhaps it's the best idea to make "chipset-addons", the end-user can choose
the add-on
and put it into the main-code, like in the Award- or AMI-Bios, modular.

A general Plugin-Interface with some Plugin-Types and a chipset interface.
So openbios get's modular and has nearly infinite features, only limited to
the amount
of flash-memory. ;-)


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