[OpenBIOS] Intel holding back information

Niklas Ekström t97nek at student.tdb.uu.se
Mon Aug 9 02:55:15 CEST 1999

On Sun, 8 Aug 1999, David J. Coffin wrote:
>      Your algorithm doesn't account for the fact that DRAM
> has two dimensions.  You have to toggle the A11 and A12 lines
> to find out the number of columns, and A22-A24 to find out
> the number of rows.

Ok, but I thought that the chipset will (automaticly) set the correct row
number from the DRBs that I constantly program with the size of the
previous rows ?

How do I change row otherwise?

>      Always check both halves of a 64-bit word, in case some-
> one installed a single SIMM, or mismatched SIMMs, by mistake.

Very good point, will do that.

> > I have been thinking about doing that, but wouldn't that make me unable to
> > write the bios after that (legally that is) ?
>      If you can understand their code, reduce it to an algo-
> rithm, and write your code to that algorithm, it's perfectly
> legal.  (I've seen Award's source.  The disassembly is easier
> to read!)
>      Use get_PCI() and set_PCI() routines that are incompatible
> with Award's.  That will force you to write something completely
> original.

Wow, now I've got two _totaly_ different opinions on this; that I should
not under any circumstance ever disassemble a commercial bios, and now
this that it should be perfectly ok to do it. Somebody else got an opinion
on this?

/ Niklas

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