[OpenBIOS] Proposals for development stages

Joseph D. Foley terminus at mediaone.net
Fri Aug 13 19:03:33 CEST 1999

> Your message is good, though I have some comments.
> > This is my attempt to figure out how OpenBIOS development should be run
> >
> > Stage 0: divide BIOS into several tasks:
> >
> > 1 initialization of chipset - mandatory
> > 2 booting OS from FDD - mandatory for the initial phase

> I sent a message a little while ago about how we should work with the
> Linux kernel people to define a new booting specification. Ask them what
> they want. We can implement that first and set up compatibility modes
> (DOS, etc) later, when our heads are more fully wrapped around this
> thing. I'm just waiting for some sort of confirmation or denial on this.

The linux kernel guys are sometimes a fussy bunch; such a spec already
exists, take a look at MultiBoot standard at
http://www.uruk.org/~erich/grub/boot-proposal.html, but I don't believe
they've adopted it yet.


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