daniel.engstrom at riksnett.no daniel.engstrom at riksnett.no
Tue Oct 13 14:53:08 CEST 1998

On 12 Oct, Simon Richter wrote:
> Daniel Engstrom wrote:
>> I have just subscribed to this list. Would anybody be kind and sum up
>> the discussion this far?
> Okay, a quick summary of what has happened on the list since I
> subscribed:
Ok, thanks, I was starting to give up on receiving a reply.

Here is what I thought:
A free Open Firmware implementation that runs on my PC would be utterly
cool and the Right Thing To Do <tm>.

Having a open source firmware code base would also make life easier for
people who make their own embedded boards.

The boring part is that I believe the Open Firmware specs cost money.

In order to to this one fist should get the specs (anyone here who has
them?) And then make an architecture addendum for the i386 and submit
it to the Open Firmware folks. (Las time I checked their web site there
were none for the i386, the web site is unresponsive at the moment.)

I also think that providing legacy OS support though loading a
traditional BIOS from disk is the way to go. 

Is there anyone who have stated on any i386 bootstrap code?



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