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Tue Oct 27 22:48:23 CET 1998

On 27 Oct, Simon Richter wrote:
> Asbjoernsen at atntr.telemax.no schrieb:
>> Yes, but in the early stages of development, it would be nice to have a working
>> biosloader flashed on the chip, and then test new versions by loading them from
>> disk. If we have a legacy bios loadable on disk, we can use that as a fallback
>> then thing goes wrong.
> Well, I'm currently working on a hardware solution, such as 512k RAM, writable from
> another machine, possibly even with access to that machine's video RAM and keyboard
> input (for remote testing... :-) ).

You want an EPROM simulator... Or waht I have used tha last two weeks a
board with both a TSOP bios flash an a DIP socket and a jumper to
switch them. 
On a side note any one want to take a look in my current work? 
I include it here, since I have been able to figure out which web
address my ISP account have... (never used it, lost track of the
papers, since)


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