Benjamin Scott hawk at ttlc.net
Sun Mar 1 00:26:01 CET 1998

N = nuke at bayside.net
N> i, for one, would like to state my opinion on the UI of OpenBIOS.

  I guess that means I'll have to add my two cents, of course.  <grin>

N> i *DO NOT* want a command-line driven one.

  I do.  It's a matter of preference.  I've already said, as have many
others, that the UI should be modular, and the user should be allowed to
select which they want.

N> if i have to RTFM just to do what Award does with three keystrokes
N> (autoconfigure a hard drive), i'll just give it up.

  This project really isn't for the faint-of-heart.  We're talking
rewriting the system mainboard firmware, here.  With all due respect, if
you have trouble dealing with a CLI, then you're in the wrong place. 

N> we can use direct video memory access, no problem.

  Um, serial console?  A lot of people (myself included) have expressed
an intererest in this.  :-)

N> *during* the memory test, the whole thing quickly skidded onto the
N> that was pretty cool.

  Again with all due respect, we're implementing system firmware, not
writting a multimedia demo.  Download "Crystal Dream II" or buy a Mac if
you want that sort of thing.  <grin>

						-- Ben <hawk at ttlc.net>

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