Stephen Williams steve at icarus.icarus.com
Sun Mar 1 16:28:55 CET 1998

cpa at hopper.unh.edu said:
> I'm gonna disagree here. I admit that C++ is good for abstracting
> layers away, but I don't think it is really called for in this
> project. C++ syntax, INHO, is too ugly to use unless you really need
> it.


Here I try to make the point that C++ can actually lead to more effective
code then C. I don't often use a lot of the excess cleverness of C++ in
this sort of environment, especially since I am a proponent of the KISS
principle, but I do use certain non-C features and fully expect increased

And yes, C++ and assembler get along just fine, especially when embedded in
the C++ code as asm statements.

This can quickly degenerate into a C vs. C++ religious war, it usually does:-)

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