[OpenBIOS] Is this list still alive?

David Woodhouse Dave at imladris.demon.co.uk
Wed Mar 11 16:50:52 CET 1998

> It's alive. I signed up recently trying to find out if I can help. Get an
> idea of the level of development. But like you said there has been no
> traffic (I even forgot I signed up).
> Who can I contact to find out if I can do some work on the OpenBIOS?

I think the discussions of general ideas fizzled out, and the last we heard, 
people were off to play with the Bochs BIOS source, in an attempt to get it to 
work at least a little bit on a real computer.

Until then, we can still put together a development system, binary module 
spec., and a list of modules to be provided.

At some point in the dim and distant past, I and a few other people posted 
lists of the basic support that we're going to require in order to boot a 
Linux kernel.

Unless you have access to the necessary hardware for making replacement PROMS, 
assume that someone will get the basic chipset init working, pick something
else, and implement it.

INT 15h extended memory services might be a simple place to start, and should 
be quite simple to test from DOS.

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