[OpenBIOS] Did someone start?

Pavel Machek pavel at elf.ucw.cz
Wed Mar 11 19:38:17 CET 1998


> > It's alive. I signed up recently trying to find out if I can help. Get an
> > idea of the level of development. But like you said there has been no
> > traffic (I even forgot I signed up).
> > 
> > Who can I contact to find out if I can do some work on the OpenBIOS?
> I think the discussions of general ideas fizzled out, and the last we heard, 
> people were off to play with the Bochs BIOS source, in an attempt to get it to 
> work at least a little bit on a real computer.

Hmm. Did someone _really_ start? Is there someone who actually
compiled that Bochs BIOS? Where to download complete package
(including bcc, because it is not really common).

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