status of openbios

Simon Richter geier at
Wed Jun 24 00:11:07 CEST 1998

Alex.Nemirovsky at wrote:

> I am interested in putting in some effort in getting OpenBIOS going.  I am
> a BIOS engineer
> and see value in GPL'ed BIOS source code.  How far is the development so
> far?
> What has been talked about?

Well, there's not much happening here... In fact, nothing since two weeks...

Well, my idea would be to customize a linux kernel so that it could provide
BIOS functionality, i.e. remove the code that tries to gather info from the
existing BIOS, and define a standard interface for bootup (the old one is
unnecessary primitive, since we have full fs access).

This would add much overhead to the booting process, but the result would
still be faster than the method used now (well, my kernel needs 1.5 seconds,
including decompression, to reach "mounted root fs" state).


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