[OpenBIOS] User-extentions (was Re: More comments and a proposal...)

Pavel Machek pavel at elf.ucw.cz
Mon Feb 23 20:37:39 CET 1998


> The core-bios would boot up like most BIOSes do now, by requiring lilo or
> something like that. But with the user-extention to support ext2fs and
> FAT, you could then do something closer to the Sun bootloader.

Sun bootloader does *NOT* have any filesystem hardcoded. It just knows
how to boot initial 8K block from SCSI (something like MBR) and pass
command line to it. It is this 8K block which knows filesystems.

I don't think bios should understand fs: you don't want to have
partition just because of booting. I do not think that we should
change current system anytime soon.


PS: Did anyone try to flash that bochs bios into flash and see if it

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