[OpenBIOS] $find

Segher Boessenkool segher at chello.nl
Sun Jan 3 07:22:58 CET 1904

> Ah.. it fetches the word's flags, stupid me. This is not correct
> according to the standard, though we do need this flag.
> I have two things in mind:
> * the word SEE
> * the fcode evaluator
> for the first one we need to be able to get to a word's header when we
> have the execution token (xt). This seems impossible at the moment as
> we have a variable header length

Two easy solutions spring to mind:

1) have the flag byte be the lasy byte in the header (it's the first
   bybte right now);
2) have the flag byte have the high bit set always (so you can find it

I think I'll go with 1).

BTW, nothing requires SEE to accurately show the flags of a word ;)

> for the second we need to know at least whether the word is compile-only
> or immediate, given only the xt. Currently my implementation of the

There's no need for COMPILE-ONLY wrt FCode; the FCode loader can assume
all FCode is legal FCode, the burden of checking is on the tokenizer.

More later,


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