Segher Boessenkool segher at chello.nl
Sat Jan 2 04:22:55 CET 1904

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> * Segher Boessenkool <segher at chello.nl> [020623 03:05]:
> > Well no.  It will still only compile on compilers that support GCC's
> > variable macro arg syntax and its computed-goto-to-label support;  the
> > only compiler that works with all this is GCC (even icc won't work).
> > Oh, and named record initialization, too (a C99-ism).
> The later one is probably easy to "fix", computed goto has it's point.
> But this can probably be worked around with some #ifdefs as well.
> Variable macro arg is a problem. Will we still need this when we are
> able to compile the whole thing with itself?

We'll still need a bootstrap dictionary, although we can distribute
the more common varieties (correct-endian vs little-endian, 32 or 64 bit)
in binary form.

> > If you send a patch that removes these dependencies while not getting
> > any performance loss (and the restrict's matter a lot, but there's not
> > enough of them at this exact moment), it'll sure be applied.  But as
> > long as we require GCC anyway, I prefer using all C99 goodies that ease
> > my life.
> None of my tests showed any change in performance with restrict
> (was gcc 3.1.1 though, not HEAD) Still, restrict is changed to a macro

I got an about 2x speedup (with older versions of the paflof source;
newer source screws up somewhere).

> in the latest version of my patch, which is set when the keyword is
> available. The same way would be viable for the other C99isms and
> GNUisms. This way people have the choice between portability and speed
> without having to touch the source. I don't think this will bloat the
> source too bad - less than thousand lines are pretty easy to overview.

but don't do that ugly

#define __RESTRICT__ restrict

thing; rather, do

#define restrict /**/

or something like that.

> > I'll look into the auto-config-types thingie sometime soonish, btw.
> > Yes I'm slow these days, sorry.
> It's getting summer,.. nothing more understandable than that. If you

well i'm just busy, that's all.  although the beach is only a few
minutes of walking from here :)

> have any todo/wishes/requirements for this, drop me a note, I will
> implement it.

can't think of anything right now, sorry...


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