[flashrom] will compatible chips flash?

Jamie Stewart jamiestewart at windstream.net
Sun Mar 18 19:55:55 CET 2018

I have flashrom 1.0 setup on a ubuntu box flashing with an intel 82558B NIC.
I originally had a winbond W29EE512-p chip that has basically failed due to
my SCSI2CF not consistently working and the fact flashrom won't "see" it.
I luckily had an extra SCSI2CF device that was working and was able to read
the contents of this flash to a file with flashrom.   Looking for another
W29EE512 chip seems rather difficult and was wondering if this chip from
mouser will accept writing to it even though I haven't heard of GreenLiant
GLS29EE512-70-4I-NHE and it makes no appearance on the supported list of
flash chips.




Thanks so much for the info.



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