[flashrom] Thinkpad T420

Ivan Ivanov qmastery16 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 11:20:46 CET 2018

Hi Aadu,
Maybe it doesn't support the "internal flashing", but it should be
always possible to tear down your laptop, and - using CH341A USB
programmer (its' supported by flashrom) together with SOIC8 test clip
- attach directly to the BIOS chip and flash it directly without any
soldering! Its' just the internal flashing is not direct, it could be
going through some chips like EC controller and its easy that
something could go wrong, thats why the direct physical flashing is
much preferred. Both tools are very cheap: CH341A = $2-$3 from
aliexpress with free shipping, SOIC8 test clip - about $5 I think ;
but if you need them right now you could overpay and get them locally.
Thats of course if your BIOS chip has SOIC8 format, you better google
for some photos of your motherboard to see what shape is your BIOS
chip, because if its not SOIC8 then SOIC8 test clip wouldn't be
compatible and you'd need some another test clip if it exists
Best regards,

2018-03-17 1:15 GMT+03:00  <aadu at airmail.cc>:
> Hello
> I was trying to flash BIOS of Thinkpad T420 for my project when I noticed
> that version 1.0 of flashrom doesn't support it. From coreboot wiki I
> understood that it was supported at some point. Is there a way to bypass
> this or does older version of flashrom support it?
> Aadu
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