[flashrom] Easier accessibility for coreboot/flashrom wikipedias? What do you think?

qma ster qmastery16 at gmail.com
Fri May 19 10:26:22 CEST 2017

Dear coreboot/flashrom mailing list members,

As you may have noticed it is not that easy or straightforward to gain
the edit rights for coreboot/flashrom wikipedias so the people are
mass migrating to the unofficial wikis. For example: recently Zoran
Stojsavljevic had to bring his Coreboot/VBT article to Jimmy Wales
wikipedia instead of coreboot wikipedia, Mike Banon had to put his EC
KB9012 chip flashing article to DangerousPrototypes wikipedia instead
of flashrom wikipedia, and I could provide many other similar examples
if needed

Currently, to get the edit rights for coreboot/flashrom wikipedias you
have to personally contact the wikipedias administration, who are the
highly active open source developers with a lot of things to do and
may simply forget to review your request - and you have to provide a
good enough detailed explanation of what exactly you are going to
write or edit, despite that your plans might change and suddenly you
would like to improve another article, write your own, or maybe even
want to improve the many other random articles: doing small changes
like fixing the typos / replacing the broken links / updating the
clearly outdated information / other fixes that are minor by nature
but still are majorly improving the wikipedias quality

I believe that the current administrative barriers are too high: to
gain the edit rights you should not be required to go through what
seems to be like a job interview, especially because this is not like
a job offer and your work at these wikipedias will be unpaid

My proposal is to give the edit rights to all the subscribers of the
coreboot/flashrom mailing lists, or at least to all those who have
been the subscribers for at least a day / a week / or a month. Could
see only the positive outcome from this action, because I strongly
believe that all the members of coreboot/flashrom mailing lists are
responsible smart individuals and their wiki contributions will be of
high quality. Alternatively, the registration could be made completely
open, but with a strong registration/login captcha or maybe even
per-edit captcha to prevent the automatic bots/spammers from ruining
the wiki pages

Please share your opinions about this proposal. It is interesting to
hear your thoughts, and maybe they could influence the
coreboot/flashrom projects future

Best regards,

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