[flashrom] [PATCH] Add support for GD25VQ21B, GD25VQ40C, GD25VQ80C and GD25VQ16C

David Hendricks dhendrix at google.com
Sat Feb 27 00:52:40 CET 2016

> +#define GIGADEVICE_GD25VQ21B   0x4212
> +#define GIGADEVICE_GD25VQ41B   0x4213  /* Same as GD25VQ40C, can be distinguished by SFDP */

This comment should go in the .c file, above the model_id for the
GD25VQ40C and GD25VQ41B.

Aside from that, this patch looks good to me. I tested
read/write/erase on a GD25VQ41B.

David Hendricks (dhendrix)
Systems Software Engineer, Google Inc.

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