[flashrom] Add support for WCH CH341A as an SPI programmer.

Márton Miklós martonmiklosqdev at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 00:00:42 CET 2016

Hello Stefan,

Thank you very much for the notification! I am really glad for that.

I do not have currently that programmer, but I will give it a try when I 
could borrow one.

Miklós Márton

2016-01-31 23:23 keltezéssel, Stefan Tauner írta:
> Hi,
> I am writing to you because you were interested in CH341A support in
> flashrom in the past. I am happy to announce that we have merged the
> respective patch in r1921 and it should work fine on any operating
> system that supports libusb1. It will be included in the upcoming 0.9.9
> release of flashrom as well.

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