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Thanks for the response.  The issue I am having is setting the baud in Windows to 20000000, it gets rounded down to 115200.  I have been unsuccessful in all the attempts to get around this.  There is a way to alias a baud in the FTDI drivers so that when you set the baud to 300 for instance, it is actually 2000000.  I tried this, and it didn’t work in flashrom but I did verify that the port is actually being set to 2000000 and data is being send to the Arduino at 2000000.  

My question is, does flashrom do anything with the baud rate setting other than just set the port?  Is it used for timing internally?  If so, that would explain why flashrom doesn’t work with aliasing when I set the baud to 300 (which is actually 20000000).


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On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 4:41 PM, Jason Jacobs <Jason.Jacobs at firstsolar.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> First, thanks for the awesome software and all the time you put into this.
> I am trying to use it on windows with serprog.  I installed libusb and 
> setup my device with libusb and installed the driver.  How do I tell 
> flashrom to use my libusb device now?  I tried
> serprog:dev=<devicenameindevicemanager>:2000000 but it didn’t work.  I 
> have been searching a ton on how to do this but can’t figure it out.

For serprog, you shouldnt be installing a libusb driver for the device, but just a normal serial port driver (an .ini is needed for CDC ACM ports before win10, or an FTDI provided driver for ftdi devices, etc) , then use -p serprog:dev=COMx:2000000 where x is the COM port number in device manager for the serial port.

(Also, be aware that this all works better on linux since thats where most of the developer resources are.)

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