[flashrom] Release numbering and branches

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Wed Aug 10 23:48:35 CEST 2016

Hi folks,

now that we have a git repository [1] ready (thanks Stefan!), I've
visited again the flashrom development guidelines [2]. I stumbled
there over a very long, exemplary version number: "". IMHO,
two things are wrong here: 1st there are too many dots for my taste,
and 2nd the former two numbers are meaningless.

To avert that, I call for naming the next release "1.0". If necessary
it would get point releases "1.0.1", "1.0.2" etc, of course.

Regarding the naming of release tags and branches, I really like what
the Linux people do. In their naming scheme the tag for "1.0" would
be named `v1.0` and the branch `flashrom-1.0.y`. With different pre-
fixes for tags/branches it's always obvious what is referred to, and
with a wildcard (here the `y`) in the branch name the ongoing develop-
ment is emphasized.

Opinions? other proposals?


[1] https://www.flashrom.org/git/flashrom.git/
[2] https://www.flashrom.org/Development_Guidelines

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