[flashrom] A bunch of old parallel chips

Xavier Bourgeois xavier.bourgeois at insa-lyon.fr
Wed Sep 30 18:23:32 CEST 2015

I noticed a few chips that were not listed for all operations on the 
flashrom supported hardware webpage:

- ASD AE29F2008, fake Winbond W29C020C found on a PCChips motherboard 
full of fake/remarkered chips, it looks like it was reported previously 
on the list, [0], [1],
- AMIC A29002T, [2],
- AMD Am27C010, not correctly detected, probe forced for Am29F010A/B 
(same signals/timings for reading). Electrical erase is impossible 
(UV-Light needed), programmation wasn't tried (this motherboard doesn't 
supply the 12.5V needed for Vpp), [3],
- Macronix MX29F002T, [4],
- SST SST29EE10, [5],

Some chips (A29002T, MX29F002T) are already marked as OK on the 
supported hardware page, but were probably not already tested in the 
flashrom release I'm using.

I also have a Winbond W29EE11 which wasn't detected by flashrom and 
seems pretty old and rare (I didn't manage to find the datasheet so I 
assumed the voltages and the pinout were the same...).
 From the bios sticker, it looks like it was from a socket 7 motherboard 
from the years 96~97.

All these chips were tested on a MSI MS6147 Motherboard (Intel PIIX4 BX 
chipset with a 32-pin DIL socket), using flashrom v0.9.2-r1141 (Debian 


[0]: http://www.flashrom.org/pipermail/flashrom/2009-August/000423.html
[1]: http://monorailc.at/tmp/29F2008.tar.gz
[2]: http://monorailc.at/tmp/a29002T.tar.gz
[3]: http://monorailc.at/tmp/am27C10.tar.gz
[4]: http://monorailc.at/tmp/mx29F002T.tar.gz
[5]: http://monorailc.at/tmp/sst29EE10.tar.gz
Xavier Bourgeois

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