[flashrom] SST39VF040 on 3COM 3C905C:

Xavier Bourgeois xavier.bourgeois at insa-lyon.fr
Fri Sep 18 14:43:40 CEST 2015

The SST39VF040 is listed as untested on the flashrom supported hardware 

I tried it on a 3Com 3C905C (which limits to 128kbytes).
All operations (probe, read, erase and write were done successfully for 
the first 128kbytes) [0].

I attached the NIC's bootrom [1], which was resized from 64kbytes to 
512kbytes in order to be flashed. I also attached the same image which 
has been read after the flash.
All the first 128kbytes are identical, and the data repeats until the 
end of the file.

The network card is also able to boot from this eeprom.


[0]: http://monorailc.at/tmp/3c905c.tar.gz
[1]: http://monorailc.at/tmp/3c905c_dump.tar.gz
Xavier Bourgeois

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