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Mon Jan 26 00:42:57 CET 2015

Author: stefanct
Date: Mon Jan 26 00:42:57 2015
New Revision: 1873
URL: http://flashrom.org/trac/flashrom/changeset/1873

ftdi2232_spi: revert usage of DIS_DIV_5 macro.

In r1872 we replaced some magic values with constant macros from
ftdi.h. Among them was DIS_DIV_5 that represents the opcode that
disables the use of the 5x prescaler on newer devices. Unfortunately
this macro was only introduced with support for FT232H and hence is
not available in older versions of the library. Revert back to using
the magic constant.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Tauner <stefan.tauner at student.tuwien.ac.at>
Acked-by: Stefan Tauner <stefan.tauner at alumni.tuwien.ac.at>


Modified: trunk/ft2232_spi.c
--- trunk/ft2232_spi.c	Sun Jan 25 04:52:47 2015	(r1872)
+++ trunk/ft2232_spi.c	Mon Jan 26 00:42:57 2015	(r1873)
@@ -360,7 +360,7 @@
 	if (clock_5x) {
 		msg_pdbg("Disable divide-by-5 front stage\n");
-		buf[0] = DIS_DIV_5;
+		buf[0] = 0x8a; /* Disable divide-by-5. DIS_DIV_5 in newer libftdi */
 		if (send_buf(ftdic, buf, 1)) {
 			ret = -5;
 			goto ftdi_err;

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