[flashrom] flashrom issue w/ Avoton platform

Pierre-O por at taveo.com
Fri Jan 23 18:03:10 CET 2015

hi folks !

I'm trying to use flashrom with an avoton/rangeley board,
bios protections are disabled, chip is detected but simple read 
operation fails, here's my log :

*flashrom v0.9.7-r1869 on Linux 3.13.0-24-generic (x86_64)
flashrom is free software, get the source code at http://www.flashrom.org

flashrom was built with libpci 3.2.1, GCC 4.8.2, little endian
Command line (7 args): flashrom -V -p internal -c N25Q128..3E -r 
Calibrating delay loop... OS timer resolution is 1 usecs, 863M loops per 
second, 10 myus = 10 us, 100 myus = 104 us, 1000 myus = 1016 us, 10000 
myus = 10017 us, 4 myus = 4 us, OK.
Initializing internal programmer
No coreboot table found.
Using Internal DMI decoder.
DMI string chassis-type: "Desktop"
DMI string system-manufacturer: "Insyde"
DMI string system-product-name: "MohonPeak"
DMI string system-version: "TBD by OEM"
DMI string baseboard-manufacturer: "Type2 - Board Vendor Name1"
DMI string baseboard-product-name: "Type2 - Board Product Name1"
DMI string baseboard-version: "Type2 - Board Version"
Found chipset "Intel Avoton/Rangeley" with PCI ID 8086:1f38.
This chipset is marked as untested. If you are using an up-to-date version
of flashrom *and* were (not) able to successfully update your firmware 
with it,
then please email a report to flashrom at flashrom.org including a verbose 
(-V) log.
Thank you!
Enabling flash write... Root Complex Register Block address = 0xfed1c000
GCS = 0x40000c01: BIOS Interface Lock-Down: enabled, Boot BIOS Straps: 
0x3 (SPI)
Top Swap: not enabled
0xfff80000/0xffb80000 FWH IDSEL: 0x0
0xfff00000/0xffb00000 FWH IDSEL: 0x0
0xffe80000/0xffa80000 FWH IDSEL: 0x1
0xffe00000/0xffa00000 FWH IDSEL: 0x1
0xffd80000/0xff980000 FWH IDSEL: 0x2
0xffd00000/0xff900000 FWH IDSEL: 0x2
0xffc80000/0xff880000 FWH IDSEL: 0x3
0xffc00000/0xff800000 FWH IDSEL: 0x3
0xfff80000/0xffb80000 FWH decode enabled
0xfff00000/0xffb00000 FWH decode enabled
0xffe80000/0xffa80000 FWH decode enabled
0xffe00000/0xffa00000 FWH decode enabled
0xffd80000/0xff980000 FWH decode enabled
0xffd00000/0xff900000 FWH decode enabled
0xffc80000/0xff880000 FWH decode enabled
0xffc00000/0xff800000 FWH decode enabled
0xff700000/0xff300000 FWH decode enabled
0xff600000/0xff200000 FWH decode enabled
0xff500000/0xff100000 FWH decode enabled
0xff400000/0xff000000 FWH decode enabled
Maximum FWH chip size: 0x100000 bytes
SPI_BASE_ADDRESS = 0xfed01000
SPI Read Configuration: prefetching disabled, caching enabled,
BIOS_CNTL = 0x01: BIOS Lock Enable: disabled, BIOS Write Enable: enabled
0x04: 0x6018 (HSFS)
Programming OPCODES... done
0x06: 0x0000 (HSFC)
0x50: 0x0000ffff (FRAP)
BMWAG 0x00, BMRAG 0x00, BRWA 0xff, BRRA 0xff
0x54: 0x01ff0000 FREG0: Flash Descriptor region (0x00000000-0x001fffff) 
is read-write.
0x58: 0x07ff0200 FREG1: BIOS region (0x00200000-0x007fffff) is read-write.
0x90: 0x84 (SSFS)
0x91: 0xf80000 (SSFC)
SSFC: SCGO=0, ACS=0, SPOP=0, COP=0, DBC=0, SME=0, SCF=0
0x94: 0x5006     (PREOP)
0x96: 0x463b     (OPTYPE)
0x98: 0x05d80302 (OPMENU)
0x9C: 0xc79f0190 (OPMENU+4)
0xC4: 0x0080d807 (LVSCC)
LVSCC: BES=0x3, WG=1, WSR=0, WEWS=0, EO=0xd8, VCL=1
0xC8: 0x0000d807 (UVSCC)
UVSCC: BES=0x3, WG=1, WSR=0, WEWS=0, EO=0xd8
0xD0: 0x00000000 (FPB)
The following protocols are supported: FWH, SPI.
Probing for Micron/Numonyx/ST N25Q128..3E, 16384 kB: 
probe_spi_rdid_generic: id1 0x20, id2 0xba18
Found Micron/Numonyx/ST flash chip "N25Q128..3E" (16384 kB, SPI) mapped 
at physical address 0x00000000ff000000.
Chip status register is 0x02.
Chip status register: Status Register Write Disable (SRWD, SRP, ...) is 
not set
Chip status register: Block Protect 3 (BP3) is not set
Chip status register: Top/Bottom (TB) is top
Chip status register: Block Protect 2 (BP2) is not set
Chip status register: Block Protect 1 (BP1) is not set
Chip status register: Block Protect 0 (BP0) is not set
Chip status register: Write Enable Latch (WEL) is set
Chip status register: Write In Progress (WIP/BUSY) is not set
This chip may contain one-time programmable memory. flashrom cannot read
and may never be able to write it, hence it may not be able to completely
clone the contents of this chip (see man page for details).
Reading flash... Transaction error!
SSFC: SCGO=0, ACS=0, SPOP=0, COP=1, DBC=63, SME=0, SCF=0
Running OPCODE 0x03 failed at address 0x800000 (payload length was 64).
Read operation failed!
Restoring MMIO space at 0x7f4c9ba1409c
Restoring MMIO space at 0x7f4c9ba14098
Restoring MMIO space at 0x7f4c9ba14096
Restoring MMIO space at 0x7f4c9ba14094
Restoring MMIO space at 0x7f4c9ba140fc

*Any idea ?

Best regards,


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