[flashrom] [PATCH/FULL/SVN] Support for 4-bytes addressing SPI flash chips 32MB+ (256Mb+)

Amelkin, Aleksandr Aleksandr.Amelkin at t-platforms.ru
Fri Jan 16 10:09:09 CET 2015

> >> I wonder if this is helpful to may people. Thanks.
> >
> > I'm sure it is or will be sooner or later.
> > We needed this feature for sure, although flashrom with ft2232h is
> > painfully slow.
> > But that's another task (probably we could use pyspiflash instead).
> Flashrom is slow because read and erase operations are written very slow
> now. They could be easily changed to become faster in times or in 10s of
> times. Probably I'll do this later. This should be another patch.

That's not exactly the reason, actually.
flashrom itself is not the main show-stopper there.
It is extremely (about 1000 times) slower than expected even on read operations.

Please see my post in another thread ("performance of flashrom").

With best regards -
Alexander Amelkin,
T-Platforms [http://www.t-platforms.com]

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